Mercruiser 575sci Conversion Kit

Dyer's Machine Service Inc  can supply a complete conversion kit for your current Merc 575sci engines.  Our 871 kits include the blower, intake, and drive to work with the current Thermostat Housing, Throttle Body Adapter and lower Serpentine Drive Pulley.  Our 871s will provide more power at less boost and no need for a chiller.  Plus the 871 provides the capacity for more boost when needed.

Finished 871 conversion project above.

Complete Satin 871 conversion kits are $4,750.00

Dyer's custom machines your existing Throttle Body adapter to fit on the top of our standard 871 Supercharger.  This allows you to use the stock TBI injection and electronics.

Dyer's Machine Service Inc also custom makes a Thermostat housing adapter to mount the factory Merc Thermostat Housing onto the front of our 871 intakes.  The adapter(s) is included in the conversion kit.

Dyer's Machine Service Inc also custom machines a billet lower serpentine accessory pulley that also allows it to drive the lower blower pulley.  That serp pulley is included in the conversion kit.  Customer has the choice of 2" wide or 3" wide 8mm pitch blower drive pulleys and belt.