Frequently Asked Questions

  Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions by our customers.

1. What does a complete blower kit contain?

A complete blower kit contains the Blower, Drive Kit, Intake Manifold, Carburetor Adapter, and all the necessary bolts, pulleys, and gaskets.

2. How long does it take to install the complete blower kit?

Our blower kit is usually installed in four to five hours. This includes hooking up the fuel lines and throttle linkage.

3. Are your kits available for engines with power steering and/or air conditioning?

Dyer's Machine Service Inc Kits are available for engines with these accessories as long as the a/c compressor and alternator are mounted to the side of the engine where it will not interfere with the blower mounting area.

4. How much horsepower will I get with a Dyer's Machine Service Inc Kit?

For street engines on 93 octane pump gas, a common figure is 1.5hp/CID. A 350 Chevy will make 525hp on pump gas. The maximum hp available for gasoline engines is 2.0hp/CID @ 15 lbs of boost. This requires dyno tuning to ensure the fuel system and ignition are tuned correctly.

5. Will there be a severe loss in fuel economy with a Dyer's Blower Kit?

Under Normal driving conditions, you should PICK UP around 3 mpg over a normally aspirated engine. This is possible by the efficient mixing and vaporization of the fuel due to the supercharger. Also, the additional low end torque allows for a taller rear end ratio.

6. What spark plugs should I use with a blown engine?

On a street driven vehicle, you should use spark plugs that are 2 heat ranges hotter than the stock. For example, a small block chevy uses AC43 standard, so a blown engine would use an AC45 plug. On race applications or high boost setups, you should run colder plugs and less timing.

7. What's the difference between underdrive and overdrive?

The drive ratio of a supercharger is the speed of the supercharger in relation to crank speed. A drive ratio of 10% underdrive means when the engine is running 6000 rpms, the blower is running 10% slower or 5400 rpms. Overdrive is when the crank pulley is larger than the upper pulley, underdrive is when the crank pulley is smaller than the upper pulley.

8. How do I calculate the blower drive ratio?

To calculate the drive ratio, take the difference between the 2 pulleys and divide that number by the lower pulley. For example, if you have a 41 top and a 34 crank, the difference is 7 teeth. 7/34=20.6%. Since the upper pulley is larger than the crank, it is 20.6% underdrive.

9. There are lots of superchargers off of diesel engines on ebay and other auction sites. Are any of these good to buy?

There are many different styles of blowers that came off the diesel engines. The only cores of any use are the 71 series blowers. There are 4-71, 6-71, 6v-71, and 8v-71 Cores. These 4 blowers are different is size and shape. The blower that has the most parts available is the 6-71. This blower has 4 hold downs on EACH side of the case (8 total) on the very bottom. The v series blowers have angle hold downs on each side (4 total angles on the 6v71, 6 total angles on the 8v71). Unfortunately, no intakes or carb adapters are made for these v series blowers.